Using AI to transform the nation. aims to provide AI based services whilst performing state-of-the-art AI research and providing cutting-edge Deep Learning solutions.

AI Research

AI Workshops

Web Solutions

AI Solutions and Delivery

A thirst for Artificial Intelligence!

It all starts with a simple plan. A plan to change the world with the power of AI.

With the recent advancements in the field of Artificial Intelligence (especially, Deep Learning), it was inevitable to initiate a platform that'd aim on providing cutting-edge research as well and delivering AI based solutions.

Nepal.AI was initiated with the mission of performing several Deep Learning based research whilst providing various AI/Data Science based solutions in a proportional way.

What we like doing?

How about changing the world bit by bit?

AI Research

Our core research focus is based on Computer Vision, Speech Processing and Reinforcement Learning.

AI Workshops

We aim to provide hands-on trainings to inspire and educate AI enthusiasts.

Web Solutions

We provide several web based solutions inclined to data analysis and web mapping.

AI Solutions and Delivery

We provide excellent AI based solutions and high quality deliverance.

Our Latest Events

We aim to conduct as well as show our involvement in numerous AI related events.

September 22nd Kathmandu

Web Weekend Kathmandu

One of our co-founders, Er. Akash Adhikari had delivered a talk on Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning in the Web Weekend Kathmandu 2018

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